Coffee Sales

Breakfast Roast

CODE: 00002

In stock
Our Breakfast Roast is medium bodied with nutty, citric, and sweet flavors. 12oz Bag

House Roast

CODE: 00003

In stock
Our House Roast is full bodied with smooth earthy and dark chocolatey flavors. 12oz Bag

Espresso Roast

CODE: 00004

In stock
Our Espresso Roast is rich and full bodied with a sweet aroma. 12oz Bag

French Roast

CODE: 00005

In stock
Our French Roast is rich and bold with a hazelnut aroma. 12oz Bag

Green Coffee- Peaberry

CODE: 00010

In stock
Thai Highland Arabica Coffee- Peaberry 16oz Bag

Green Coffee

CODE: 00011

In stock
Thai Highland Arabica Coffee- Caturra Varietal 16oz Bag
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